4l60e Rebuild Kit Contents

Each of our 4l60e and 700r4 rebuild kits begin with a paper and rubber kit which will include all of the necessary seals and gaskets for your project. The contents of a typical paper and rubber kit are shown below (Kits will vary depending on your selection of model year). Kits will contain all needed gaskets: oil pump, valve body, and oil pan. Contents include all necessary o-rings and seals for pistons, front pump seal, pump bolt o-rings, and a new dip stick seal. Other contents include all necessary teflon seals, screens, servo seal and oil pump kit, oil filter seal, accumulator seals, manifold pressure switch o-rings if you decide to reuse yours, and cooler line clips and o-rings. We then allow you to complete your kit with  steel and fiber clutches, or just steels. The 3-4 power pack is commonly added in most builds as it adds substantial holding ability to the 3-4 clutch by adding additional friction and steel plates. The power pack comes with instructions.