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4l60e 700r4 Sun Shells

4l60e 700r4 sun shell The BeastThe sun shell for the 4l60e and 700r4 holds the reaction sun gear in second and fourth gear. The hub around the splines of the shell tends to fatigue after time and break or the splines will strip out entirely. Every 4l60e and 700r4 build should have a new one. We sell a few options. More Info »
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4l60e 700r4 Low Reverse Roller Clutch

Low Reverse Roler ClutchThe low-reverse clutch holds in manual first and reverse. This one-way clutch can be fragile when disassembling and installing. Be sure to look it over carefully as bent or broken springs can cause pre-mature failure. Free shipping and handling on this product!
Price: $30.85$28.05

4l60e 700r4 Forward Sprag Clutch

Forward Sprag ClutchThe forward sprag clutch on a 4l60e or 700r4 locks in first through third gears and overruns in overdrive. Occasionally these one-way clutches will fail, inspect them very carefully if you are considering reusing them. These replacements are dual caged units. Free shipping and handling on this product!
Price: $56.93$51.76

4l60e 700r4 2-4 Band

4l60e 700r4 2-4 bandThe band in a 4l60e or 700r4  holds in second and fourth gears. Most overhauls deserve a new band. Replacement of the 2-4 band is essential after a transmission cooler leak, as antifreeze in a transmission will disintigrate clutch and band friction linings. Free shipping and handling on this product!
Price: $30.93$27.84